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Romartis specializes in world music with a focus on one of the richest international artistic traditions, the tango; the company's first love and raison d'être. Romartis has built a reputation for its in-depth knowledge of the tango art and for its innovative artistic approaches.

Eager to continue innovating in its area, Romartis is expanding its roster with new productions with new productions in the field of world and classical music.

The label Romartis Latina presents artists profiling their talent and passion for world music rhythms, via their own compositions or by revisiting well-known hits from the repertoire. The label includes Uruguayan-born singer-composer and writer Verónica Larc as well as Cuban pianist-composer Yoel Diaz, el Nuevo piano de Cuba.

Romartis Clásica is a label that successfully blends the urban and seductive tradition of tango with the refined world of classical music. Its main artist, Ensemble Romulo Larrea, presents two polished concepts: 4 Seasons of Buenos Aires & Sinfonía del Ángel.

For over 25 years, Romartis has implemented projects respectful of its artistic and commercial objectives that demonstrate an integrated global vision. His productions on stage and on record have been awarded in Quebec and abroad.




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